What is v.pass?

v.pass was created for expert travelers like you who like to fly a lot and save even more.

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This is the first 100% customizable annual subscription that turns you into a frequent flyer, so you can decide how to travel. With it, you’ll have one monthly flight to the destination of your choice, paying only your ticket taxes and with the same price as the one during the time of your subscription. All you have to do is cover the tax fees per flight!

Amazing, right?

With v.pass, you’ll have:

A monthly trip

Baggage at a preferential fare

Fixed monthly fee

Access to the v.club prices

What are the benefits of v.pass?

· Your subscription gives you one single trip a month on an available flight, paying only taxes and with the option to make it a round trip for an additional cost.

· Extra baggage at a preferential fare.

· A fixed monthly fee for the whole duration of your subscription.

· You’ll have access to all the v.club prices and the benefits of belonging to the professional savers’ club.

How does v.pass work?

· Go to v.pass.com

· Choose and customize the plan that best fits your needs.

· Add extra baggage to your v.pass with a preferential fare.

· If you wish to turn your single trip into a round one, choose this option when you booking your flight.

· Only credit cards issued in Mexico apply.

Choose your v.pass

One way trips and Round trips 

From $299 MXN


v.pass subscription only includes direct flights; it does not apply to connection flights.
*On each flight, you’ll only pay the corresponding taxes.


*Read our Terms and Conditions

Please Consider

· Your subscription will last 12 months with a fixed price.

· This service is currently available for Mexican credit cards only.

· v.pass is a non-transferable product.

· You can make changes on your flights by covering the corresponding fee.

· It does not include routes that weren’t chosen at the beginning of your subscription. If you wish to acquire a flight on a route that is not included, you can do it at volaris.com with the v.club prices.

More about v.pass

· Customize a plan that fits your needs

· It includes 2 carry-on bags

 · In case you need extra baggage, add it to your subscription for a great price. Once it’s added you won’t be able to relinquish it during the length of your subscription.

· Review our Baggage Policy

With v.pass you save every time, traveling much more.

This service is only available for flights within Mexico, for Mexican credit card holders.