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Here are all our best tips to help you find low-cost tickets. Don’t wait any more! Fly like an expert traveler every time, with the best prices that Volaris has for you.

Saving Tips

1. The most important thing is: book ahead. Did you know that if you book with 90 days of anticipation, your flight will be way cheaper? Tip: you’ll find the best prices on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


2. With Volaris, you can choose to travel just the way you want it right from the start. Discover our three new ways to travel: Vuela Basic, Vuela Classic and Vuela Plus.


3. Download the Volaris App. It´s the best way to have all our promotions right at your fingertips and to stay tuned to our lowest rates and best discounts, to purchase your ticket right from your smartphone or tablet. And don’t forget to do your Mobile Check-in in order to avoid queues and setbacks at the airport, by getting an electronic boarding pass.


4. With, you get our best price, for sure! Join here and enjoy the following benefits: purchase with the lowest prices in every flight and ways to travel, exclusive promotions, 22 lb extra on checked bags when selecting Vuela Classic and Vuela Plus, and discounts on baggage when booking your flight.


5. Don’t forget to pay with your INVEX Card. The best way to get closer to your dream flight without spending much is with our Volaris INVEX Cards. It gives Volaris Electronic Credit, 22 lbs. extra in your checked baggage, 22 lbs. extra in your carry-on, and the possibility to defer your purchases in interest-free monthly installments, plus many more great benefits.

Remember, INVEX Cards are only available in Mexico.


6. When you find a promotion that you like, book it right away! We can hold your fare for 72 hours while you decide if you want to travel at that cost. Book now, pay later.


7. The secret to finding out about our promos before anyone else is to follow us on our Social Media and to sign up  to our Newsletter. If you stay alert, the promo you need to fly will come directly to you.


8. With Volaris, it’s Your Call to add any Additional Service you may need for your trip. Be it eating a snack on board, adding a bag or getting a car rental, it is always best to do it before arriving at the airport… that way, you’ll find the best prices for a more comfortable trip.


10. Save while purchasing everything you need for your flight.  From getting something from our In the Clouds Menu to adding an activity to your trip, it’s always best to do it before you arrive at the airport. That will guarantee you better prices!


11. Get additional benefits such as extra baggage or changes on name and itinerary with one of our Package Deals (More Speed, More Baggage, More Flexibility) by adding it during your booking. It will be better than acquiring each additional benefit separately.


Book your flight! 

Need any more tips?

If you found a right promo for you, but after some days, you decide to book it and there are no more seats available, check out our fare calendar, where you’ll surely find another one that works for you.

Discover all Our Destinations to get quotations on dates and route prices. Seize the low-cost options to finally make that trip you’ve been meaning to have.

No more secrets!

See? There are many ways to get great prices! You don’t have an excuse not to fly at the best fares that Volaris has for you. With these tips, you’ll become a low-cost flying expert; just choose your destination and fly away!