Group Services

How to get your group quotation?

The easiest and fastest way to do it is by filling out the online form.  You can also do it by calling us at these numbers: 

Mexico- (55) 1102 8000

US- 1 855 VOLARIS (8652747)

Guatemala- +502 2301 3939

Costa Rica- 506 4002 7462

El Salvador- 503 2504 5540

Remember that group trips start from 10 persons.

What is the allowed baggage for group trips?

In any group trip the baggage allowance per client is 2 carry-on that do not exceed 22 lb (10 kg) altogether and 22.4 x 15.7 x 12.9 in each, and 1 checked bag that do not exceed 55 lb (25 kg) and 62 total in.

If you need so, you can add more checked bags to your reservation. Please notice that each client can take a maximum of 5 checked bags. You can also add up to 22 lb (10 kg) extra to your carry-on (44 lb total between two pieces). Additional Services Fees apply in both cases.

To add checked bags or weight to your carry-on, just go to My Trips.

For more information, see our Baggage Policy.


Payment options

You can pay your group trip with credit or debit card, whether it’s in one payment or with a deferred plan (only available in Mexico). You can also pay in installments via transfer wire. Fore more information, go to Group Payment.


Register the passengers list

In order to register your group trip, you must send us the passengers list to four days prior to the departure date. If you need help, you can give us a call.

  • The list is neccesary so the passengers can board the plane at the airport.
  • For international flights, you must provide the name and date of birth as they appear in the passport.

Get an invoice for your group trip

The invoice will be available once you pay the full amount of your reservation. If your traveling from Mexico or the United Stated, you can get it here. Remember to do it within the four days after your purchase. If you do not request it during that period, it will not be available later.

For Guatemala, you can request your invoice by writing us to For El Salvador, please email us at For Costa Rica, the payment receipt works for taxes purposes.

Contact us

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