How to change your itinerary

How can I change my flight's date, time and route?

You can change your flight's date, time or route, or even make a name change, by paying the correspondent fare difference and the applicable fee.


More Flexibility Combo

Consider acquiring Volaris Combo More Flexibility during your booking process since it includes a change of itinerary and / or name without additional charge (only paying fare leveling if applicable).

You cannot make changes if:

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    Before your flight

    Within 4 hours before the flight, consider doing it in time.

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    With boarding pass

    If you already printed your boarding pass or did Mobile Check-in

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    Incomplete payment

    If the reservation is not paid in full.

* For flights to and from the United States, you are be allowed to cancel or change the reservation within 24 hours after the purchase without any charge or penalty, as long as the reservation have been made within 7 or more days in advance of the date of the flight.

For round trips:
· If the outbound flight as already departed, you are only allowed to change the date and time of the inbound flight. 


Select the flights you want to change.


Choose origin, destination and desired date.


Select your new flights.


Select the additional services you need.


Complete your payment and enjoy your new flight!

Itinerary change


· You cannot make changes online if you booked your flight through a travel agency.

· You can only make changes online for the travelers associated to your reservation.

For round trips:

· When the outbound flight already took off, you are only allowed to change the date and time of the inbound flight.

· If you wish to change the origin or destination for one of your flights, consider making the same change for the other flight.

Name change

Keep in Mind

You can call the Call Center to purchase the service and complete the name change over the phone.

If you have not booked a flight yet, you can add the More Flexibility Combo during the booking process. This will give you access to one name change, with no additional fee.

When booking your flight, make sure your information is correct; for international flights, the name must appear exactly as in your travel documents.

Won’t be available if you:

· Have already checked in.

· Purchased your ticket with Volaris electronic credit.

· Have already flown or did not show up for the first segment of your flight.

· Want to change an adult’s ticket for an unaccompanied minor or senior.


Keep in Mind

Cancellations are not allowed. If you don't use your ticket for the indicated flight, the amount already paid cannot be refunded and you cannot use the requested service for another reservation. The ticket is non-transferable.

For flights with the USA as the origin or destination, reservations can be changed or canceled within 24 hours after the purchase, without penalty, as long as the reservation was made within 7 days or more prior to the flight's scheduled departure time.

Delays or Cancellation

 If a flight is delayed or canceled, or a connection is missed because of a delay or cancellation, Volaris will relocate all affected customers as soon as possible on the next available flights.


For more information

Please review the Service Contract for National Air Transportation

You can also make changes through our Call Center. 

 Find the Additional Services Fees here.